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  • This is a short tutorial I made on how to make your head blink. Link to animation website:
    I’m uploading the head templates currently which i tested and wojnt cooperate it seems to be duplicating all of the heads i upload several times-_- nut dont let it

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    Graal Head and Body Templates |.

    Graal Online Classic Head Templates:.

    This is how to make animated heads blink etc for graal u can use paint or gimp though u can only make animations through gimp srry for my coughing I’m

    Graal making animated heads – YouTube
    Graal Classic Body Template
    Graal Online Classic Head Templates
    Hi:) There are not very many girl head template sites for graal, so I made this one. Hope you like it!:))
    GraalDepot - The only graal website you.
    uhh i didnt hand pick thesebut there new haha :J

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    graal classic heads

    Graal Classic Online Blinking Head.

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    I made this website to help people get heads, bodies, swords, and shields for graal online classic players and some i made and others made by other graal players like
    23.05.2011 · Needs more headslike every single head thats made on graal should be on a templatetheres not enough Reply Delete

    graal classic heads

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